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POS Software for Retail

POS Software for Retail

Our flagship POS software for Retail business is called AdvEntPOS (Advance Enterprise-class POS). It is a suite of products that are developed to address a range of business needs and requirements. The following sections give a high-level overview of AdvEntPOS:

The Cashier Module

The Cashier module is a program that performs the main Point-Of-Sale operations.

  • Ring up items and manage quantities.
  • Apply Sales Promotions
  • Process Coupons
  •  Process payment and print receipt
  • Choose customer and apply customer level discounts and store-credit.
  •  Apply discounts at item level, invoice level or mix level.
  • Print quotes, reports and receipts.
  • Manage Cash Drawer balance
  • Configure hardware device settings

The Admin (Back Office) Module

The back-office module provides a vast array of functions and facilities. Some of them are-

  • View and print business reports
  • Create and manage business configurations.
  • Manage and Apply business policies.
  • Manage Sales Promotions and Coupons
  • Perform Sales Analysis and Profit Analysis
  • Manage lookup table data such as Department, Category, Item Size, Item Pack, etc.
  • Import inventory data.
  • Configure Item Menu with single item and group shortcuts.

The Label Designer Module

Although the primary function of a Label Designer module is to facilitate label printing, it covers a wide range of requirements that are related to label printing.

  • Design and print labels for Single-roll printers (called label printers)
  • Design and print labels for office printers (regular printers)
  • Design Bulk price labels
  • Design Sale price labels
  • Export the design template that can be utilized by other modules.
  • Design Shelf and product labels
  • Design and print signs

The Inventory Manager Module

This module is the heart of inventory management. It provides core functionalities as well as all external interface features to manage up-to-date stock of products in any retail business.

  • Purchase Ordering
  • Purchase Invoice Management
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Physical Inventory
  • Vendor Management
  • PDF Invoice Parsing
  • EDI Data Import
  • Inventory Reports
  • Inventory management for products with multiple storage locations
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