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Sypram Software’s partner program is very comprehensive and is designed for those companies who can provide POS hardware, software and merchant services and are very excited to build up sizable revenue in a very short span of time.

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

  • Market Value: You get the highly proven and extremely popular products in the market. Our products and services are so self-selling that you can boost up your sales in a very short time, without any major effort.
  • Strong technical support: We have a team of technicians and salespeople who are trained to help you in the processes of sales, system installations and after-sales customer support.
  • Profit Sharing: Our partner program is designed such that you retain most of the profit generated from your sales. We only demand a fraction of it for providing the logistic support.
  • Pricing: We have already negotiated with major POS hardware vendors by committing to purchase in large quantities. As a partner, you will immediately earn the benefits by getting the hardware components at highly discounted prices. We also suggest proven vendors to you for purchasing a range of POS components.
  • Innovation: Our Research and Development team is constantly working to innovate the products and services. Whenever a new hardware product arrives in market, (e.g., computer, tablet, credit card terminal, etc.) our team works on them to test, integrate and certify it with our products. This way, you get the tested products and save a lot of time and money by avoiding the cost of experimentation. We bear all the expenses of research, development, and innovation.

What do we expect from our partners?

  • Dedicated Staff: Almost all of our products and services are considered to be mission critical. As such, our customers cannot afford any downtime. For this reason, it is very essential that our partners provide their services on full-time basis and keeps the trained staff available all the time. Of course, Sypram Software’s customer support team will always be there to help you, but it will be the primary responsibility of our partner to provide help to their customers.
  • Basic Infrastructure: Any good customer service requires to have some basic infrastructure. This may include an office with dedicated phone line and attendant, a set of POS goods in stock, a demo unit to show POS demonstration on client site, etc.
  • Passion to sell: First and foremost, this is the primary factor that help generates more revenue than anything else. All of our existing partners are highly motivated, result-oriented and very successful business entities. If you are like one of them, then you can join the team to fulfil your goals.

What do you need to become our partner?

Please fill out the following form with required information and submit it. Our team of evaluators will contact you if their selection criteria is fulfilled:

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