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Our retail software solutions contain some specialized components and customization that is aimed for specific retail industry. In other words, we have unique and special solution for every retail business type. Below is the list of some of them:

Liquor Stores

The unique challenge that every liquor store faces comes from the liquor industry’s product types itself. On one hand, there is a case breakage of Beer products which requires complex inventory management process; on the other hand, different tiers of pricing with mix-n-match promotions calls for an advance pricing solution. To your big relief, we have solved both above challenges with our state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our multi-pack item structure easily solves the problem of inventory management of beer cases. Even the case breakage is automatically adjusted without any human intervention. And our advanced pricing engine takes care of pricing tiers with any kind of sales promotions. Above all, these solutions are very easily implemented and even non-technical employees can perform it with a little training.

Here are some more features that are critical in a liquor store POS :

  • Bottle Deposits : Some states require the retailers to collect bottle deposits on certain products which are either canned or bottled. Our POS software has an innovative feature called Macro rule definitions which makes it a snap to manage bottle deposits. When a new items is added, the bottle deposit is automatically linked to the item if it fulfils the criteria
  • Reconciliation of RIP amounts : Some states (e.g., New Jersey) have a supplier program called RIP. A retail incentive program (RIP) is a form of rebate in which a wholesaler provides a financial incentive to a retailer to purchase a specific quantity of alcoholic beverages in one purchase transaction and places no other obligation on the retailer. Managing this RIP amounts and tracking them later puts an added administrative overhead to retailers. Our POS software has provided some built-in functions to not only manage the RIP amounts but also to reconcile them anytime later.
  • Multi-Location Storage Management : Very frequently, an alcohol wholesaler offers discounts on a large quantity of purchase for certain products. The retailer intends to purchase it due to high periodical demand but does not have space to store the entire quantity in store. The supplier, in such case, offers to keep the additional stock in public warehouse until the retailer claims it. This is good for both of them (supplier as well as retailer). However, it poses a challenge for the retailer to maintain the stock of the products that are partly stored in store and partly in public warehouse. Our POS inventory manager has a feature called multi-facility stock management and it very well handles the stock management requirements for those warehoused items.
  • Alcohol Tax on Volume : Some states in USA (e.g., Washington state) require that retailers collect an additional tax on the volume of alcohol sold. This is called Liquor Tax. The POS software is supposed to provide a built-in facility not only to calculate this type of Size-Based taxes, but also generate special reports for taxes as required by the state. Our software is designed ground-up to support any kind of taxes that are based on volume. It also provides the reports required by the states.
  • Marcos : A Macro is a mini business rule that retailers can define and enforce in POS software, without any internal technical knowledge. For example, a retailer may

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are those corner stores where you can conveniently get the items of your common daily needs, e.g. Milk, Dairy, Grocery, Coffee, Soda, Tobacco etc.

    • Cigarette scan data reporting
    • Deli menu integration
    • Kitchen printing for Deli
    • Mix-n-Match pricing

Grocery Supermarkets

  • Coupon Processing
  • Managing Weekly Sale Promotions
  • Non-PLU pricing
  • EBT Payments
  • Mass Label Printing
  • Price Check Terminals
  • eWIC acceptance

Tabacoo/Smoke Stores

Tobacoo/Smoke stores are those corner stores where you can conveniently get the items of your common daily needs, e.g. Milk, Dairy, Grocery, Coffee, Soda, Tobacco etc.

  • Tobacoo/Smoke Shops
  • Health and Beauty Shops
  • Organic Produce Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Pharmacy OTCs
  • Produce Stands
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