POS Software for Retail

Our flagship POS software for Retail business is called AdvEntPOS (Advance Enterprise-class POS). It is a suite of products that are developed to address a range of business needs and requirements. The following sections give a high-level overview of AdvEntPOS:

The CASHIER module:

The Cashier module is a program that performs the main Point-Of-Sale operations.

  Ring up items and manage quantities.

  Apply Sales Promotions

  Process Coupons

  Process payment and print receipt

  Print quotes, reports and receipts.

  Manage Cash Drawer balance

  Configure hardware device settings

  Choose customer and apply customer level discounts and store-credit.

  Apply discounts at item level, invoice level or mix level.

The ADMIN (Back Office) module:

The back-office module provides a vast array of functions and facilities. Some of them are-

  View and print business reports

  Create and manage business configurations.

  Manage and Apply business policies.

  Manage Sales Promotions and Coupons

  Import inventory data.

  Perform Sales Analysis and Profit Analysis

  Manage lookup table data such as Department, Category, Item Size, Item Pack, etc.

  Configure Item Menu with single item and group shortcuts.


Although the primary function of a Label Designer module is to facilitate label printing, it covers a wide range of requirements that are related to label printing.

  Design and print labels for Single-roll printers (called label printers)

  Design and print labels for office printers (regular printers)

  Design Bulk price labels

  Design Sale price labels

  Export the design template that can be utilized by other modules.

  Design Shelf and product labels

  Design and print signs


This module is the heart of inventory management. It provides core functionalities as well as all external interface features to manage up-to-date stock of products in any retail business.

  Purchase Ordering

  Purchase Invoice Management

  Accounts Payable Management

  Physical Inventory

  Vendor Management

  PDF Invoice Parsing

  EDI Data Import

  Inventory Reports

  Inventory management for products with multiple storage locations